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Sponsoring – Oberliga Women’s Tennis GG Bensberg


The Scaffolding Müller GmbH has been actively involved in tennis for many years and is proud to offer long-term sponsorship for the Grün Gold Bensberg women's league team. As a company committed to supporting sport and local communities, we are passionate about supporting the talented players of this successful tennis team.

Our long-standing partnership with the Green Gold Bensberg Women's Oberliga team is proof of our commitment and support for tennis at the highest level. We are proud to be part of their success and to accompany them on their journey.

Through our sponsorship, we give the team access to professional training with first-class equipment and participation in top-class tournaments. We believe that sport brings people together and promotes positive values such as team spirit, passion and perseverance. That's why it's a matter close to our hearts to support young sporting talents and offer them the opportunity to further develop their skills.

The Green Gold Bensberg Women's Oberliga The team has achieved impressive success in recent years and won numerous titles. We are proud to be part of their success story and look forward to many more exciting matches and victories.

As a scaffolding company, we consciously decided to sponsor tennis because we can reconcile the values of the sport such as precision, stability and teamwork with our own corporate philosophy. We are convinced that our long-standing support of the Grün Gold Bensberg Women's Oberliga team not only promotes the sport of tennis, but also provides positive impulses for the local community.

We are proud to be part of this partnership and look forward to continuing to celebrate sporting successes and advance the sport of tennis together with the Grün Gold Bensberg Women's Oberliga team.


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