2024 – winter time! Scaffolding in the snow.


Photo: Wolfgang Müller 

We are back ! 2024 a new year of scaffolding construction with Scaffolding Müller.

After a relatively warm and exceptionally wet start to 2024, we experienced... North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) now a significant onset of winter on January 17th. There was more snow than there had been in a long time. 

More professional Scaffolding in Cologne and Bonn even in the winter.

A blog post on the topic of scaffolding in the Winter time. We know that winter brings challenges for construction projects and makes it difficult to work in extreme weather conditions. But also in the Winter time Professional scaffolding is possible in Germany. Below we will present you with information and tips on how to successfully implement projects even in the cold season.

There is no need to worry because we are experienced in Area Scaffolding winter time and are at your side with our know-how. We know that your construction project needs to run smoothly even in winter and we are well prepared to help you.

Professional scaffolding despite winter weather

Scaffolding companies are also active in winter and offer professional services to advance construction projects despite adverse weather conditions. In extreme cases, when winter weather makes work on construction sites impossible, employees must remain on standby and wait until the weather permits again.

In order to be able to work efficiently despite the winter challenges, scaffolding companies use various strategies. A proven approach is to Weather protection roofs and disguises to protect the construction site from snow, rain and wind. These measures ensure that work can continue even in bad weather.

We know how important it is to support our customers with high-quality scaffolding solutions even in winter. That's why we're setting up Weather protection roofs and fairings, to protect the construction site from the elements.

Our experienced scaffolding teams are well trained and have the knowledge and skills to work safely and efficiently even in winter conditions. We ensure that our employees have appropriate winter equipment to protect themselves from cold and weather conditions.

During the winter, scaffolding companies take the opportunity to further educate their employees and offer additional training. This allows employees to expand their know-how and prepare for the coming season.

Many scaffolding companies also provide winter service and support with snow clearing and ice removal. This means they make an important contribution to safety on construction sites and in the surrounding area.

Our priority is always to provide our customers with professional and reliable scaffolding services, regardless of the weather conditions. We do not accept work outside of the industry to ensure that our employees can continuously work in their specialist area and optimize their skills.

This is who we are and our partner for scaffolding systems Scafom RUX We are able to offer our customers high-quality scaffolding solutions and successfully implement construction projects, even in winter.

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