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90th company anniversary


Scaffolding company Müller GmbH is 90 years old.

90 years of scaffolding Müller GmbH

90th company anniversary | Scaffolding Müller GmbH | 2024

In 1934, right in the heart of Cologne, Josef Müller laid the foundation for a company that would develop into one of the leading scaffolding companies between Cologne and Bonn. Today, 90 years later, we celebrate Scaffolding Müller GmbH not only an impressive company anniversary, but also a story full of success, innovation and customer satisfaction. As one of the most renowned scaffolding companies in the region, Müller GmbH has made a name for itself through quality, reliability and constant innovations.

Tradition meets innovation: 90 years at the forefront of scaffolding construction

From its humble beginnings in a small warehouse as a rental company to its current position as one of the industry leaders, Gerüstbau Müller GmbH has achieved numerous milestones. Our company has distinguished itself not only through high-quality work, but also through continuous adaptation to the changing needs of the market and the introduction of innovations in scaffolding construction.

Over the past 90 years we have successfully completed a variety of projects including:

  • Renovations of historic buildings that require special care and precision.
  • Large-scale industrial projects where safety and efficiency come first.
  • Events and festivals where our temporary constructions became the backdrop for unforgettable experiences.

Gratitude and outlook

Our 90th company anniversary is not only a reason to celebrate, but also to give thanks. We would like to thank all of our employees, whose dedication and expertise are the backbone of our success. A special thank you also goes to us loyal customers, whose trust and support continue to drive us forward.

Looking to the future, our goal is to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and safety in scaffolding. We strive to continually improve our services while promoting sustainable practices to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Gerüstbau Müller GmbH looks forward to being your reliable partner for all scaffolding projects in the coming years. Together we look optimistically into the future and set new standards in the industry.

visit our website Scaffolding Müller GmbH for more information about our services and to become part of our success story. Here you not only experience 90 years of tradition and expertise in scaffolding construction, but also a look ahead to a promising future.

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Peek and Cloppenburg Cologne
Special scaffolding construction Cologne
Scaffolding in the Rheinauhafen
Brühl Castles


Since the day it was founded, the name Müller has stood for the highest standards in scaffolding construction. The company began as a small family business and has developed into an industry role model over three generations. With a deep-rooted understanding of tradition and an always open eye for innovation, Müller GmbH has successfully completed numerous projects in the field of scaffolding construction. From the careful renovation of historic buildings to demanding industrial projects – Gerüstbau Müller GmbH has always proven that it is up to any challenge.

The Scaffolding Müller GmbH has stood for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction in scaffolding construction for 90 years. As a traditional scaffolding builder between Cologne and Bonn, the company has achieved numerous milestones and is optimistic about the future. We are grateful for the trust of our customers and the commitment of our employees, which enable us to continue to set new standards in the industry.

Looking ahead to the next 90 years, Gerüstbau Müller GmbH is determined to further expand its position as an industry leader. The company attaches great importance to the introduction of sustainable practices and the continuous development of its technologies and methods. The aim is not only to make scaffolding safer and more efficient, but also to make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Your partner in scaffolding construction – today and in the future.

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