Scaffolding company Müller GmbH

Over 90 years of experience as a scaffolding company are our motivation and goal to look forward!


Scaffolding since 90 years in Cologne, Bonn and surrounding areas 

90 years of scaffolding Müller GmbH


On March 19, 1934, the carpenter Josef Müller opened the scaffolding rental company "Scaffolding Müller"​


The company Gerüstbau Müller GmbH is continued in the 3rd generation by Wolfgang Müller

Scaffolding company
1994 - † Death of senior boss and founder

The Müller company mourns the death of the senior boss and company founder.
Since then, the company has been continued by his sole heirs, Dipl.-Ing.Herbert Müller, with its current location in Niederkassel. Five years after German reunification, the company got involved in Leipzig and was also active in the new federal states.

2011 - † Death of Dipl. Ing. Herbert Müller

On April 2nd, 2011, Dipl. Ing. Herbert Müller died at the age of only † 75 years.

How it all began....

1934 opening
Scaffolding rental company - Müller

1970 - Change of company name

After the war, the company grew rapidly, benefiting from the reconstruction.
In 1970 Gerüstbau Müller, Josef Müller, Cologne was registered. The number of employees at that time was already 65.

1972 - Founding of a corporation

The company is converted into a corporation under the name Gerüstbau Josef Müller GmbH & Co. In addition to the company founder Josef Müller, his son Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Müller shareholder and managing director.

1975 - Conversion

The complete conversion to steel scaffolding took place.
Five years later, Gerüstbau Müller GmbH began building the bridge.

1981 - Handover

Dipl. Ing. Herbert Müller, son of the founder Josef Müller, takes over the Gerüstbau Josef Müller GmbH & Co.

2001 - change of name

The company Gerüstbau Josef Müller GmbH & Co. became Gerüstbau Müller GmbH, managed by Ms. Marion Ihmig and Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Mueller

2011 - entry of the 3rd generation

The company Gerüstbau Müller GmbH is managed by the son Mr. Wolfgang Müller.

coming soon .......

Scaffolding company Müller GmBH

Mueller scaffolding GmbH 

 at the beginning of the 21st century. A company that has been one of the leading scaffolders in the Rhineland for over 90 years. The catchment area and the main activity takes place in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bergisch Gladbach and Bonn

 Safety and perfection have the highest priority in the implementation of all our construction projects.
Our customers can look back at any time on the on-schedule completion of the requested scaffolding.
We guarantee excellent quality on the construction site through our highly trained employees. 
You are welcome to look forward to an attractive job in scaffolding  apply ->
Flexibility and the latest technology enable us to offer individual planning for unusual objects.
Irrespective of the changing times, the management of the company Gerüstbau Müller proves to be traditional. In the future, the company will be managed by the son, Mr. Wolfgang Müller, in the 3rd generation.
"On April 2nd, 2011 † Mr. Dipl. Ing. Herbert Müller died at the age of only 75." 

Mr. Müller Jr.  now leads since 2010 the shops, together with long-time employee Marion Ihmig. Added in 2010, is Mr Andre Coll, who since than Technical Manager acts. Mr. Koll is a graduate civil engineer (Bachelor) and a trained master roofer. In 2022, our long-standing employee Ms. Ihmig went into well-deserved retirement after more than 45 years of work at Gerüstbau Müller. The office management now has our new colleague in 2022 Melanie Theis accepted. 

Yesterday's standards still have the same importance today. Müller GmbH is always a competent partner and will help you reliably with your projects.
In the years 2010 to date, the company has been further modernized.
Here, for example, with state-of-the-art graphics programs such as: Google Sketchup and Scaffmax Professional worked and before the start of an order 3D view of the upcoming project. This tailor-made drawing, including an electronic loading list, is then made available to the column leader, which then makes assembly much easier for him. 
The future of scaffolding will change significantly, and we too will adapt to the new ecological guidelines. We have started to exchange all vehicles and from 2023 we will only drive trucks with EU6 class. Other projects will follow!
Scaffolding Müller GmbH
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