Scaffolding work at the University of Bonn

Scaffolding work on the rotation building at the University of Bonn


Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

The Rotary building at the University of Bonn is a project that is being developed at the Poppelsdorf campus. The construction and real estate company of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (BLB NRW) is responsible for the construction of the building. The rotation building will cover around 8,300 square meters of space. This new building consists of modules that are transported to the construction site on the Poppelsdorf university campus in the form of around 150 heavy transport vehicles were brought [4]. The rotation building will accommodate changing institutes and is intended to provide the affected institutes with alternative space during the renovation phases. The project encompasses several usage cycles and is part of the ongoing work and planned new buildings at the University of Bonn

Scaffolding work on the rotation building at the University of Bonn is a challenging and complex project that will be carried out in 2022 and 2023. The main focus is on building a facade scaffolding, which covers the entire external surface of the building.

In order to handle this large area, a RUX frame scaffolding used, which is characterized by its stability and flexibility. With a total area of 9,000 square meters, it provides enough space to enclose the entire facade of the rotation building and provide safe access for workers.

The complex bridging that has to be carried out during the scaffolding work is particularly challenging. The rotating building is characterized by its unusual architecture, which has different levels and angles. To overcome these obstacles and create a continuous work surface, special designs and adjustments are required.

The project requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that the scaffolding work can be completed on time. It is important that all safety regulations are adhered to and that workers have the necessary skills and qualifications to work in such demanding environments.

The scaffolding work on the rotation building at the University of Bonn is an impressive example of complex construction tasks and demonstrates the skills and expertise in the field of scaffolding. The use of high quality materials and experienced labor ensures that the project is completed successfully and the building is safe and secure during the renovation work.

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